You’ll meet different clients while you search for a perfect home buyer. Read further to learn the types of Dallas cash home buyers and which category your client belongs to.

While getting the most appropriate deal for your home is your top priority, it is also important that you have first-hand knowledge of the categories of Dallas cash home buyers

Knowing their types can also give you an upper hand because you would know how best to handle these individuals and get them to give better cash offers. If you’re a first-time home seller, it is highly recommended that you employ a realtor to help negotiate the trade. Better still, reach out to renowned real estate agencies like us at Keyroo to give you the best possible deals.

The following are the 3 types of Dallas cash home buyers and their subdivisions:

Primary Buyers

Primary home buyers are mostly individuals or a group looking to buy a home for personal use. They might have cash at hand, which they kept for this purpose, they know they have buying power and so they will usually want a higher standard of home.

First-time buyers

First-time home buyers are often newlyweds or soon-to-be couples. They could also be single individuals as well. 

Either way, a first-time home buyer is likely to have the cash they saved up to get their dream house. They often count on mortgages, house loans, or any other finance schemes. Once they find your asking price convenient enough for their budget, they will often make an offer quickly but might reply on finance approval..

Relocating buyers

People relocate frequently, either due to work transfers, school, marriage, or simply a desire to change the environment. And, since it’s almost impossible to take your building along with you (except if it’s a mobile house of course) you need to find another. 

Relocators are often good clients because they are in urgent need of an apartment, and they are less likely to forego the deal. They would buy, even if your price surpasses their budget, but only by a miniature amount.

Flip Market Buyers

Flip market buyers are the ones you shouldn’t hope to meet. They aren’t buying for personal habitation. They are looking to make a profit, so they are likely to indulge you in more price negotiations than you would want.


People often invest cash in homes, and either rent them out to generate extra funds or leave them be and sell them off later on for a higher price. These investors are often after low structures that they can renovate and sell to make a massive profit.

Buy To Rent Buyers

Buy-to-rent buyers, as the name implies, are the buyers who purchase your homes, often, they would make renovations, and put it out on rent or lease. 

They aren’t likely to offer you a mouth-watering amount for your building. It’s worse if they would still have to spend funds trying to get the building up to economic standard.

Opportunistic buyers

The opportunistic buyers are the ones you should avoid the most if you are in dire need of cash. These will point out every flaw your building has, in a bid to get you to drop your asking price.

Because they are also looking out for profit, they would bombard you with lowball offers even though you have a stated price. It would be best if you leave the task of negotiating to your realtor.

Luxury Buyers

Everyone hopes to meet a luxury buyer. These are clients with some extra cash to spend, often, they are just looking for a vacation home. Somewhere they could go to cool off from the hassles of their busy life. 

Luxury buyers however are likely to go for luxury homes in luxurious neighborhoods. So, if your house doesn’t meet the standard, they may not come your way.

Keyroo: Best Of The Dallas Cash Home Buyers

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