What state or condition is acceptable to sell my house fast Dallas? Find out in this article.

Houses are supposed to appreciate over time as the world population increases. People have got to live somewhere, right? If you are familiar with the law of demand and supply, you would know that the lower the supply, the higher the demand, and the higher the cost. Houses could conveniently fall into this category if they are properly maintained as time goes on, if not, this factor can kill your ‘sell my house fast Dallas‘ quest.

If a house hasn’t been properly maintained over the years of its existence, it begins to fall apart and this would cause its value to drop drastically. A house of low value due to lack of maintenance is not attractive to potential buyers. Nobody wants to buy and live in a house that is falling apart.

There is an extent to which the damage of a house can reach that would keep a potential buyer away.


Different Damages That Could Keep A Buyer Away

Some damages are just too bad for a potential buyer to consider. They will see it as a waste of money, time, and effort and would be walking away in no time, squashing your dreams of sell my house fast Dallas.


Hurricane Damages

Hurricane damages could be costly to fix, from a roof that has been blown off to a flooded interior and even ruined electricity ports. Now, this is one big damage you have on your hands and the probability of a buyer buying this house from you would be zero to none. Even if they decide to fix it and buy it from you now, wouldn’t there be another hurricane and more repairs to deal with in the future? These are things potential buyers might be considering and they can be a deterrent to buying your house.


Fire Damages

Depending on how big the fire was, a lot of things could have been fire damaged in the house. Anything made from wood like doors, kitchen cabinets, tables, chairs, ceilings, and wooden antiques would get destroyed as well as plastic, metals, and even the painting. This would cost a fortune to fix and the thought of this would keep buyers away. A lot would go into replacing the ceilings and the roof, repainting the walls, cleaning, and washing, and getting rid of the smell of smoke and the fumes because if inhaled can cause medical complications. No buyer would want to go through this stress or endanger their lives for a house.


Damages That Can Be Overlooked

Unlike serious fire and flood damages, minor damages can be overlooked by some potential buyers. Damages such as;

  • A creaky floorboard. This can be easily replaced by you or a buyer.
  • A leaking pipe
  • A horrible paint color (It is a minor disaster and considered as damage)
  • Worn light bulbs
  • A broken door
  • Stained floors (the tiles can be replaced or covered with a rug)
  • Broken windows and many other minor damages can be overlooked by a buyer.

The purchase may only proceed if you agree to pay for the repairs or cut down on the price due to these repairs.


Sell My House Fast Dallas As-Is

Sometimes minor damages could repel a potential buyer and this would mean you can’t sell your house fast or at all if you don’t first fix the damages. Cash home buying companies like Keyroo don’t care about the extent of the damage. They buy houses as-is no matter the damage and then offer you a fair cash deal for it. You get your cash in as soon as 7 days and close on your terms. You do not need to make repairs, list your house or even have an open house. Just contact them and in 3 simple steps, sell your house. Note that you are under no obligation to agree to their offer.

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