There are pros and cons of selling your home to Dallas Cash home buyers. Here in this article, we have them all laid out for you.

Dallas Cash home buyers are anyone willing to pay with cash at hand for the house. As a Dallas homeowner, you have the choice to opt for Dallas cash home buyers. Selling to a cash home buyer means you do not incur all the strain or repairs, home staging, or commission fees that realtors charge. Often, all you need is your attorney to witness the sale, the buyer, and their attorney.

Perks Of Dallas Cash Home Buyers

Fast closings 

Since there is cash at hand, all transactions and paperwork can be rounded up in no time. A typical mortgage buyer would typically require 75 days to acquire funds and close down the sale.

If you’re got an urgent need for cash, insist on cash home buyers like Keyroo and get your cash in as little as 7 days.

No extra repairs-sell the house as-is

Cash home buyers will offer you cash for the current worth of your house. Prepping the house for a sale would not be necessary, especially if you cannot afford one. Nonetheless, making repairs on the building will no doubt up the value of the house and earn you more cash.

Keyroo buys homes as-is, and we are not restricted to Dallas, we will buy any of your property anywhere in Texas, and you can expect a worthy deal for all of them.

More assurance

With a cash home buyer, there is more guarantee of a sale than there is with a contingent buyer. When a prospective buyer depends on a mortgage, there is a possibility that they would find another house that ticks more of their boxes. 

And, as soon as the funds come in, they would leave you hanging, often without feedback. Then, there’s also the chance that they may not qualify for the financing after much waiting.

Quick cash

Selling your home for cash is the best way to solve urgent needs. The best part is, that you could sort out your issues, and with the remaining funds, get another building that you could bunk in while you regain your financial stability.

No commission or extra costs

Dallas realtors do not charge peanuts, and neither do middlemen. Selling directly to a cash buyer means you get to keep all the cash without accounting for commissions or closing costs. You may need to pay your attorney, but if by chance you have an attorney buddy, they may decide to do a pro bono for you, especially if they understand your current financial situation

The Downsides

There’s good, so there must be bad as well. The following are some of the drawbacks of selling to Dallas cash home buyers:

Hard time finding buyers

It may be strenuous to find a cash buyer without a realtor, especially if it’s your first time and you do not know the ropes of self-advertising. Even if you successfully find a buyer, you may not find others to intensify the competition.

Lowball offers

Cash home buyers understand what you stand to gain by selling to a cash buyer. So, without a realtor to expertly negotiate your deals, you are likely to get lowball offers that will discourage you. Remember though that you’re saving on repairs, maintenance, realtor fees, commission and closing costs. So overall you might end up with the same amount of cash in the bank. The real people that lose out are all the repairmen, realtors and closing beneficiaries, not you.

No proof of funds

It is possible to fall prey to scammers if you try to negotiate without a realtor or an attorney. Since there is no proof of funds before the sales, you may end up with a bad cheque at the bank. 

This may further spiral into a court case, and a court case would require some funds. Remember you’re selling the house because you need funds. To avoid this make sure that the company you choose pays by a wire transfer. 

How Do You Avoid These Risks? You Sell To A Reputable Dallas Cash Home Buyers Like Keyroo.

With Keyroo, you are guaranteed fair cash offers, legal coverage for all trades, payment even though the house faces foreclosure, acquit bad tenants, and so much more. Talk to a team member today to get your process started.


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