When you decide not to sell my house fast Dallas, you must be aware of the commission fees that are involved. In this article, we do a comparison of using real estate vs a cash home buyer. Let’s dive in.

Selling your house fast Dallas has lots of advantages – no repairs, no staging, and above all, no dealing with real estate agents. But, as time goes by, you may begin to have doubts about using the sell my house fast Dallas option and opt for the traditional normal real estate selling process. Well, that isn’t exactly a bad decision but you should know what you are getting into before you do. 

Using the traditional real estate selling process implies that you will need agents to actualize your plan. Agents do not come for free; they come at a price. The commission fee is what you have to pay agents for helping you to sell your home. But, what does this commission fee entail? In this article, you will learn a breakdown of commission fees if you don’t sell my house fast Dallas


How Real Estate Commission Fees Work In Dallas

In the real estate sales world, two agents are involved in the process.

  • The seller’s agent who is for the home seller
  • The buyer’s agent who is for the home buyer. 

These agents are licensed professionals that help their clients with the home selling and buying process. When the sales deal is finalized, both agents get a specific percentage of the home’s final price. This percentage is called the commission of the real estate agent. Most times, the commission for both agents is joined together, usually around 5%-6%. In other situations, they may be broken down separately for the agents. 


Who Pays the Real Estate Commission?

The home seller pays the commission of the two agents – the seller and the buyer’s agent. The commission is often derived from the proceeds of the home sales. Although it is counterintuitive that the home seller has to pay the agent of the buyer, you should see the fee as a marketing cost. That is, you pay the fee to the buyer’s agent so that they can, in turn, show it to your clients. What you should understand is that the seller can always negotiate the commission. 


How a Real Estate Agent Gets Paid

When a home is sold, the percentage gotten from the sales is often divided between the agent of the seller and buyer. The terms that dictate how the commission works out are contained in a document called the listing agreement. Most times, the commission is split 50-50 in Dallas. In other words, out of the 6% allocated for the agents, each of them would go with 3%. 

Most real estate agents don’t get to have all the 3% when they sell the house. They work with a broker who supervises all the transactions. At the end of it all, the commission further gets split between the agent and the broker. 

Depending on the agreement made by both parties, the percentage allocated for brokers can range from 50% to 25%. Typically, a real estate agent may only get to go home with 1.5% of the home sale’s proceeds. 


Real Estate Agent Commission Vs Sell My House Fast Dallas

After going through how the real estate agent commission works, it is obvious that the sell my house fast Dallas is a better option. Here, you don’t have to worry about paying some realtors extra charges out of your home sales proceeds.  

Besides, you don’t have to go through the stress involved in the selling process. In other words, you don’t have to carry out repairs, clean your house, stage the room to make it appealing to potential customers, or hire a professional photographer to take pictures you would use to market online. You don’t have to undergo all the processes. Cash buyers like Keyroo buy as it is and give you your cash instantly. Upon knowing the details about your home, we evaluate your home and negotiate before handing the cash to you.


Sell My House Fast Dallas

Sell your house fast for cash in Dallas is the most preferred option when you want to sell your house. You don’t have to pay some realtor’s commission fee out of the sale’s proceeds. Give Keyroo details about your home, let us negotiate, and we will hand you the cash.


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